3 Traps Shady Car Dealers Use to Get Your Business

February 3rd, 2015 by

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We believe in looking out for our local residents here at Bosak Honda Highland, and in the car-buying world, there’s one resident we care about more than anyone else: the driver. We know that some dealerships don’t have such good intentions, though, and we thought it would be a good idea to share with you 3 traps that shady car
dealers use to get your business

Signs You Should Find Another Car Dealer

Car dealerships like ours have been working hard to rebuild the reputation of auto dealers. Too many people think that most dealers are just crooks looking to make a quick buck, but we at Bosak do everything we can to be respectable members of the community who help you find the right car for your needs and budget. Unfortunately, there are still some shady dealerships out there, and you should be on the lookout for these three common schemes they use to sucker you into buying from them:

  1. Let me talk to the boss.” Unless you made an extreme request of a sales or finance associate, they really shouldn’t need to go talk to the boss for any reason. If you notice anyone you are dealing with leaving for long periods of time, they’re trying to make you impatient and more willing to sign paperwork without reading it.
  2. You need an extended warranty.” Extended warranties can be a great way to help expand the protection your car already has, but they should be viewed as no more essential than the all-season floor mats, wheel locks, or other accessories the dealership has available. If anyone tells you you need to slap on an extended warranty, you shouldn’t trust them.
  3. We can’t find the keys to your trade-in.” Believe it or not, there are car dealers who will take the keys to your trade-in and insist that they must have misplaced them, trying to get you to hang around longer and get talked into buying a car that you probably had no intention of buying. We recommend to bring in an extra set of keys and/or just call their bluff.

Also, we can’t stress this enough, always make sure that the number you are quoted for the price of your vehicle is the bottom line price on your paperwork.

Visit a Dealership You Trust

Bosak Honda Highland has been an active part of the Highland community for years, and we want to help you find your new car free of worry. Contact us to schedule a test drive of a new Honda today.

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