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Hello, Chicago Heights!

Oil Changes Available Near Chicago Heights at Bosak Honda

Are you a Chicago Heights, IL driver looking for a service center for regular maintenance like oil changes? If so, then Bosak Honda is the place for you! Located in nearby Highland, Indiana, we have a Honda service center right at the dealership that can take care of your vehicle. Our trained technicians used only MFG-recommended motor oils and oil filters when working on your car.

Scheduling an Oil Change

We offer convenient hours throughout the week—Bosak Honda is open Monday through Saturday—for our customers to get the help they need. If you would like an oil change, you’re welcome to stop by anytime we are open. Another option is to have a guaranteed opening waiting for you when you come in. You can schedule a service appointment through our website or by calling (800) 949-7915.

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When to Get an Oil Change

For a very long time, the general rule of thumb was to get your oil changed after every 3000 miles. While a lot of people still may tell you this, it’s not really true anymore unless you own a pretty old car. In fact most modern vehicles can go twice as long and some can go even 10,000 miles.

One car will last longer than another, so the best way to find out if you need an oil change is to look at your owner’s manual. There you’ll be able to find a guide to when you should get regular maintenance. You should also keep in mind that just because you don’t drive a car very often doesn’t mean the oil will last longer. Additives in the oil will expire after a certain period of time, whether you’ve been driving or not.

Come to Bosak Honda Near Chicago Heights, IL

We’re right across the Illinois-Indiana border and only about 20 minutes from Chicago Heights, so our dealership is very easy to get to when you need an oil change. Just take US 30 East and get on IL-394 North. Merge onto I-80 East and take exit 2 for Indianapolis Boulevard. We’re at 9800 Indianapolis Boulevard in Highland, Indiana. Please let us know if you have questions.