Compare 2019 Honda Pilot vs 2019 Honda Passport

2019 Honda Pilot vs 2019 Honda Passport
2019 Honda Pilot 2019 Honda Passport


3.5L V6 i-VTEC® V-6


280 280

  Max. Towing Capacity

5,000 lbs. * 5,000 lbs. *


6-speed automatic 9-speed automatic

2019 Honda Pilot vs 2019 Honda Passport

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The key difference between the Pilot and the Passport is the length. Writing for Motor1, Greg Fink emphasizes how his analysis of the two came up with different lengths as a predominant factor. The length of the Honda Pilot is 15 cm (6 in) more than the Passport. Fink also notes that the Passport rides 2.8 cm (1.1 in) higher than the Pilot. If you have a big family, the Pilot is probably a superior choice. If you need to navigate a tight urban environment than the Passport is probably a better choice.


U.S. News and World Report gives the Honda Pilot 8.2/10 stars for performance. What factors contribute to that rating? According to reviewers, it has a comfortable ride, fuel-conscious 3.5L V6 engine, and a smooth 6-speed automatic transmission. U.S. News and World Report does not yet have data on the Honda Passport. The Honda page for the Passport reports that the Passport has a 9-speed transmission coupled to a V6 engine. This should mean that Honda Passport drivers will enjoy smooth acceleration. Features should be similar, though the Honda Passport is probably a faster vehicle because it shares a similar engine on a smaller platform compared to the Honda Pilot.


Both the Honda Passport and Honda Pilot look physically similar. What differs between them is their size. The Honda Pilot is a bigger vehicle. The Honda Passport is more compact but rides slightly higher.


The Honda Pilot has a lot of interior room. The Honda Pilot comes with driver assistance technology that protects the vehicle from crashing. If the system’s tracking sensors detect that you are about to run into another vehicle, it automatically puts on the brakes. The Honda Passport also has this system.

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* Maximum towing capacity for AWD trims is 5,000 lbs. Maximum towing capacity for 2WD trims is 3,500 lbs. Towing requires the addition of the Honda accessory towing kit, trailer harness and hitch ball. Please see your Honda dealer for details.

5,000 lbs. maximum towing capacity for AWD models with accessory ATF cooler; 3,500 lbs. for AWD models without accessory ATF cooler and 2WD models. Towing requires accessory towing equipment. Please see your dealer for details.