Honda Earth Dreams Technology Explained

March 18th, 2013 by

Honda Earth Dream technologyHonda has recently announced the release of a next generation technology called “Earth Dreams.” This technological advance is part of a huge plan by Honda to increase fuel efficiency in every vehicle, with goals to top their respective class levels within three years. So, what exactly is “Earth Dreams” and what can we expect from Honda in the future? Read on to find out.

Earth Dreams Explained

Basically, “Earth Dreams” is a set of advancements that improve driving performance and boost mpg efficiency in every vehicle in which it is implemented. It is a series of changes that further improve the efficiency of the already superbly performing Honda engines by boosting the internal efficiency of internal combustion components. Each aspect of the engine and transmission is improved by “Earth Dreams Technology.” Electric components will also be integrated.


The first implementation of these advancements was in the mini-vehicle N-BOX. This vehicle was designed to be small and incredibly fuel efficient. The success of “Earth Dreams” has caused Honda to look into ways of integrating the technology gradually into all of their other vehicles. Honda has set a timeline of 2020 to reduce all CO2 emissions in their vehicles by 30% when compared to 2000.

Features of “Earth Dreams Technology”

The features of include:

  • An engine fine-tuned for top level performance and efficiency
  • Compact diesel engines that are the lightest in their class
  • Vehicles that are as fun to drive as they are efficient
  • Two motor-hybrid systems
  • Highly efficient electric hybrid systems
  • Compact and efficient powertrains

Basically, every single part of the engine and transmission that can be improved for efficiency will be worked on to create a vehicle that is at the top of its class in efficiency. And this is only one of the first steps that Honda will take to promote automotive fuel efficiency. Look forward to hearing more about these great breakthroughs in the coming years.