Smart Entry With Walk Away Auto Lock

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When it comes to new technology you will find that Honda really tries to keep up with what is going on in the automobile industry. Whether it is safety features that keep you and your family safe on the road or simply technology features that provide you with convenience in your everyday life, Honda is the manufacturer to go with if you are in the market for a new vehicle. A newer feature that has been used since around 2016 is the Smart Entry Technology with Walk Away Auto-Lock. This feature is not only convenient for your hectic lifestyle but it also helps improve the overall safety of your vehicle. When you get out of your vehicle after parking, your vehicle will lock itself as long as you have your keys with you and you have reached 2.5 meters of distance. Your vehicle will not lock if you don’t have your keys. This reduces any instance of you locking your keys in your car. If you have your hands full or are in a hurry to get in the house, then this is a great feature to consider. It is included in most of the new Honda models.

How to Set Up Smart Entry Technology with Walk Away Auto Lock

If you currently own a vehicle with this technology but it is not set up, then there are a few very simple steps that you can take to get everything going.

  • On your infotainment home screen, you will find a button marked settings. Press the settings button.
  • Select the ‘vehicle’ option from the list.
  • There will be a choice that allows you to set up your keyless access feature.
  • Within that feature’s directions, you should select ‘Walk Away Auto-Lock’.
  • Select the ‘enable’ function and hit the ‘ok’ button.

Your vehicle now has Smart Entry Technology with Walk Away Auto-Lock set up and you can begin using this feature right away when you get out of your vehicle.

How Do You Use Smart Entry Technology with Walk Away Auto-Lock?

There isn’t anything additional you need to do once you have set up your system. When you park your vehicle at home, work, school or at a store’s parking lot, you simply get out of the vehicle with your keys in hand and begin to walk away. At the 2.5 meter mark, your vehicle will beep to alert you that your doors have locked themselves. The key fob is used to unlock your doors when you return.

We all lead busy lives and we here at Bosak Honda Highland know how difficult it can sometimes be to fumble around with your keys and lock your vehicle’s doors when you are on your way in the house. If you have left your door unlocked with the anticipation of locking them later on, then you probably will forget and leave your vehicle open to theft or damage. Stop down to our Highland Honda dealership to find out more about Smart Entry Technology with Walk Away Auto Lock technology. We will give you a demonstration of this system if you would like so you get an idea of how great this feature is.

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