How To Maximize Your MPG

February 23rd, 2015 by

There’s little more drivers hate than watching the numbers climb at the gas pump while they fill their car. And with the weather getting warmer, well, those prices are only going to go up. Well, we our service department at Bosak Honda Highland may be able to help you out with some tips on how to maximize your mpg. Let’s take a look at Auto mechanicswhat could save you more than a few bucks!

Rush Hour Stop and Go

One element of the road that will cripple your fuel mileage is rush hour. Stop and go traffic uses so much fuel. The more you accelerate and brake, the more gas you burn up. Drivers can adapt to the traffic by allowing extra space between cars. By doing so, drivers will be able to coast to a stop, and won’t need to apply as much gas to move again.

Slow Down

Once again, the less you use the gas pedal, the less gas you burn. Some people say that for every 5 mph you slow down, you are save 7% of your fuel. They also say that for every 5 mph you go over the limit, then that is an extra 16 cents you pay on the gallon. Can you see how much money that could be saving you?

Reduce Your Load

If you can, keep your trunk empty, and don’t put anything on the roof. Stats show that sometimes roof boxes increase your fuel consumption by 17%. Weight in the trunk can reduce your mileage as well, with 100 lbs usually resulting in a 1% increase in consumption. This is why some manufacturers are updating the designs of their vehicles; they want to reduce the weight in an effort to increase fuel-efficiency for their vehicles.

 Methods That Will Never Cross Your Mind

  • Avoid excess idling
  • Properly inflate tires
  • Low-resistance compond tires
  • Tune up the engine
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Use synthetic oil
  • Keep a travel log

Other Ways Bosak Can Help

At Bosak Honda, we try to be there for our drivers as much as possible, so are currently offering a special on Spring Fuel Efficiency Service. Our coupon allows Bosak customers to receive fuel system service and engine air filter work for only $149.95 and ends March 31st. If you’re looking to save money, there’s little reason to not take advantage wherever you can get it!

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