iPhone Apps Great for Road Trips

April 22nd, 2013 by

iPhone Apps
At Bosak Honda, many of us enjoy taking a week or two off in the summer to go on a road trip. Whether you plan on going on a soul-searching journey by yourself or want to pack the whole family in a 2013 Honda Odyssey minivan, a road trip is a summer staple. Part of the fun may be getting away from it all, but if you’re planning a road trip, there are few smart phones app we recommend downloading for your iPhone that can help you find nearby attractions, get road information, or that just offer some road fun.

SimulTravel GPS

It’s getting late and you’re ready to settle down for the night; SimulTravel GPS will be able to find a hotel for you. The app will find all nearby hotels and give you more information like prices and how clean the places are.


Yelp is a website many people use on a daily basis, and is a free iPhone app too. Yelp can tell you where the best restaurants are, the best places to shop, and show you all kinds of tourist attractions.

Road Trip

Of course, we’d have to recommend an app called Road Trip. This app has a slightly high cost at $4.99, but is totally worth it. You can use it to track every part of your road trip including expenses. Afterwards, you can easily send the data to a spreadsheet and easily split up costs with friends. There is also a free version available with fewer features.


Need access to a high-strength internet signal out on the road? For only $0.99, WifiTrack does quite a bit. It can find nearby places offering Wifi, give you signal strengths, and tells you which ones are free.

Road Trip Fun

Drivers with kids will definitely want to download Road Trip Fun. This app provides information on plenty of fun games to play while out on the road like I Spy. There’s enough here to keep the kids from shouting, “Are We There Yet?”


While probably having a flashlight in the car is a good idea, having this app available to you at all times is a must. Like the name implies, the app harnesses the flash on your camera to illuminate your way. You can also change the color of the light for different situations. At the very least, it will be handy to use when telling ghost stories.