Let Your New Honda Warm Itself Up with Remote Engine Start

November 19th, 2014 by

When it comes to weathering the winter, few folks do it as well as Midwesterners, but that also means that few drivers appreciate special anti-winter features the way that Midwesterners do. If you’re looking for a new Honda, we want you to make sure that it’s prepared for winter, and we have quite a few different features that can make 2015 Honda Accord Sedanthose below-freezing temperatures more bearable.

We know how important some parts of a Honda can be for getting you through the winter, and we’ve asked some of our drivers to give testimony on the benefits of remote engine start on a Honda. Here’s one of our favorite stories.

I Start My Car When I Start My Coffee

When I bought my brand new 2015 Honda Accord, I asked the team at Bosak Honda in Highland what kind of accessories I had available and which trim level I should get for remote start. I’ve lived in the Midwest since I learned to drive, and now that I could afford a new car, I wasn’t about to sit in an idling sedan in below-zero weather as it warmed up.

I drove home my Accord this past August and tested out the remote ignition once or twice before I felt the mercury start to dip in the morning, just to make sure it all worked as intended. But the reason I opted for an Accord with remote start wasn’t just so that I could start it without leaving the house. It was so that I could let it warm up without needing to freeze to death in the morning, so the first true test didn’t happen until early November.

Getting to finish off my morning coffee as I saw the exhaust float from my Honda’s tailpipe from the comfort of my kitchen was one of the best presents I could have given myself. By the time I had to go to work, my commute was nice and warm, all thanks to the remote start system I had installed.

Find Your Winter Warrior at Bosak Honda in Highland

Remote Engine Start is an accessory that we can add onto your Honda when you purchase it or after the fact. We can’t make you enjoy going to work on a cold winter morning, but we can hopefully make it less stressful on you by letting your Honda warm up with the push of a button as you finish up your morning coffee.

Contact our sales team today about getting a new Honda with remote start installed; we want you to have every weapon in your arsenal as winter comes to town.