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Honda Lease Specials

Are you looking for new Honda lease deals with a low monthly rate within the local area? Our Honda dealership offers budget-pleasing Manager Lease Specials on your favorite new Honda vehicles. Many customers decide to lease a new Honda rather than purchase it, so we offer car lease deals as well as purchase specials. These specials constantly change, and every one of them provides tremendous value. Leasing is a great way to finance your new Honda, and it might work out best for your business and your lifestyle. Feel free to call us anytime with any questions you may have about our specials.

Benefits of Car Leasing

Leasing saves you money because you finance only about 50 to 70 percent of the vehicle’s selling price. You benefit from smaller monthly payments and less sales tax (the tax applies only to the financed amount). Businesses often lease vehicles in order to immediately deduct the lease payments from their taxes instead of taking five years to fully depreciating it. This is bound to improve your business’ net profits.

Leasing is also a way to afford higher-priced models and trim levels. If you happen to drive customers around as part of your business, impress them by leasing a luxury vehicle without breaking your budget. Another reason to lease: You might want to drive a new vehicle every few years for the latest technology and design features.

The new car warranty on a leased vehicle protects you throughout the contract period, a good way to save money on maintenance and repairs. You can simply return the vehicle at lease expiration without worrying about trade-ins. Of course, you can buy the vehicle at the end of the contract at the agreed price. It can’t be denied — leasing gives you options.

Want to shop locally for the best new Honda vehicles? Get a head start by completing our online finance application, and then come by our Highland, IN Honda showroom for a test drive. Our finance experts will describe all aspects of a lease and then conduct you through a no-hassle transaction. Visit our dealership today and save money on our Honda new-vehicle lease specials!