Potholes Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Vehicles

March 31st, 2015 by

If you are wondering whether or not that pothole you hit the other day could have caused damage to your vehicle, the answer won’t make you happy. Whether or not your car keeps driving as expected after hitting a deep pothole, your vehicle could have some serious damage, and we recommend you schedule a service appointment with our technicians at Bosak Honda Highland.Road

But what kind of damage can a pothole do? You might be surprised.

Why You Should Dodge Those Potholes

Some of the potential damage a pothole could do to your car may be obvious, but not all of it will be.

  • Bent Rims: You likely won’t notice any difference in your driving if hitting a pothole bent your wheel rims, but you’re sure to see the damage when you get out of your car. Inspect your wheels carefully (or have us take a look) to make sure the tire is still fully attached.
  • Shredded Tires: Unlike when you pick up a screw or a nail, the damage done to a tire in a pothole is about as far from clean as you can get. If your tire catches on anything in the pothole or your sidewall is already weak, you could end up with a flat that is beyond repair. If you notice a pulling in one direction, your tire could have been flattened by the pothole.
  • Undercarriage Damage: If the pothole is deep enough, it’s possible that your car could dip far enough to scrape its undercarriage on the pavement. Even though it’s made of steel, your car’s undercarriage isn’t meant to take damage. You likely won’t notice any of this damage at first, but if unchecked, it will eventually rust out.
  • Out of Alignment: This is the kind of damage you’ll likely notice a day or two later as your car starts pulling to the left or the right. It might seem like a small inconvenience, but a misaligned car can lead to uneven brake and tire wear.

Learn More at Bosak Honda Highland

If you hit a pothole, you really should let us inspect your vehicle, but if you don’t have time to drop by and your car seems to be doing fine, we still encourage you to contact our service team for some symptoms of pothole damage you should look out for.

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