Winter Driving Down Route 30 is Better in a Honda

November 19th, 2014 by

Most of you have probably spent enough winters in the Midwest to be used to the harsh temperatures, icy roads, and inches—or feet—of snow, but just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean you have to roll over and let winter win every year. When you choose a brand new vehicle from Bosak Honda in Highland, you can get access to 2015 Honda Pilot 800pxgreat features designed to help you make it out of winter in one piece, and one of our particular favorites is all-wheel drive.

We asked our drivers for some of their personal stories overcoming winter in a Honda, and we’re bringing one of them to you right now.

Climbing Out of the Polar Vortex

I had driven in the snow and ice before, and maybe that’s why I had no problem ignoring the winter snow advisory and heading out to work in a flurry of ice last January. A decade of driving through Midwest winters had me confident that nothing could phase me, until I felt a front tire hit a patch of ice…

If I hadn’t been driving a Honda Pilot with all-wheel drive, I could have found myself on the shoulder or in the ditch with a totaled car. I could have died, all because I actually felt comfortable driving in the winter, but Honda’s responsive AWD system kicked in and gave my rear wheels enough torque to get a solid grip on the road and keep me heading on my way.

Had I ventured out into the polar vortex the year before in my old two-wheel drive RAV4, I might not be here to tell you about how much I love my new Pilot. I don’t even know if I would have gotten all-wheel drive had it not been available on the basic model, but the sales team at Bosak Honda in Highland was proud to let me know that Honda’s all-wheel drive is available on every trim. I didn’t need the high-tech cabin amenities, but I sure as heck needed the all-wheel drive.

Find Your Winter Warrior at Bosak Honda Highland

You can find all-wheel drive on the 2015 Crosstour, Pilot, CR-V, and 2014 Ridgeline, giving us an option for practically every kind of driver. Both the Pilot and the CR-V can have all-wheel drive added on at any trim level, and the Ridgeline has it standard on every model!

Contact Bosak Honda Highland and let us help you find a vehicle with all-wheel drive, a true Midwesterner that can get you through winter without any fuss.